Seminar: The Story of Cryptography – from Symmetric key through Vigenere, Shannon and encryption standards to Asymmetric Public key systems

Presented by Professor Peter Hill, Professor Emeritus & part-time Academic Consultant, Centre for Cyber Security and Information Systems Engineering, Cranfield University, UK Defence Academy

Wednesday 3-4 pm, 24th June 2015

Room K3.11, Strand Campus, King’s College London | WC2R 2LS

Abstract: The talk provides a short background to the general principles of cryptography with an introduction to the significant historical aspects of symmetric-key cryptography – basic techniques emphasising the important contributions of Vigenere and Claude Shannon leading to the current Advanced Encryption Standard; important issues of privacy and authentication are described. We then concentrate on the invention and principles of asymmetric-key encryption – so-called public-key cryptography (PKC), and the development of important schemes such as the Diffie-Hellman and RSA algorithms without going into the deep mathematics; key distribution and schemes such as PGP will be briefly covered. Finally, the part played by GCHQ Cheltenham with the early invention of PKC leading to the award and celebration of the 100th IEEE Milestone is described.